ClearQuery For Log Analytics

The Elastic stack has become the most popular stacks for logging analytics use cases. Elastic even provides out-of-the-box support for common data sources. ClearQuery is following suit and providing you with some ready for immediate deploy models for log analytics. No need to train on your index. Just install and stop writing queries and start asking questions.

  • Immediate support for common log indexes based on Elastic Beats
  • Specialized analytic query support for log analytic use cases
  • Beautiful user interface for drilling into your data
  • Direct Kibana Integration (Coming Soon!)

Other ClearQuery Solutions

Elasticsearch is a powerful tool used in the wild for a wide variety of applications beyond just logging. There are countless uses, but in every case users still want to be able to ask questions. We're building solutions for a number of those use cases:

  • E-Discovery - Show me messages sent outside of our domain that mention our product. Learn More about ClearQuery for E-Discovery

  • National Security - Who are the top 5 contacts of Abu Zubair in the last week? Learn More about ClearQuery for National Security

  • Marketing Analytics - How many impressions did we get where the referrer was Facebook? Learn More about ClearQuery for Marketing Analytics

  • Financial Auditing - Which accounts had more expenses than income last quarter? Learn More about ClearQuery for Marketing Analytics

Unique Use Case?

Let's talk to see how we can build a custom solution for you.