Increasing User Engagement With Analytics Driven Product Enhancements

How telecomm organizations reduce MTTR and create new features that make users sticky.

Product Manager


Product Manager

The Situation Today

Joe is a Product Manager at ClearComms, a hot new telecommunications start up focused on bringing best of breed 6G and beyond technology to mobile users around the globe. ClearComms is up against the big telecomm providers and is fighting to win marketshare in the 6G space as quickly as possible. As the new game in town, Joe's primary goal is to ensure that ClearComms customers have the best experience when compared to their competitors and that any outages are resolved as quickly as possible.

ClearComms has a small team of network engineers that spends far too much time digging through log files to identify issues. They've tried various dashboard platforms, but the Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR) when issues occur is still far too high. Joe is looking for solutions to help the network engineers rapidly identify and respond to incidents so they can improve the overall experience for their customers while also looking for the core ways to maintain dominance amongst its existing customer base by introducing features these customers care about.

While ClearComms has a significant time advantage over its competitors, that advantage won't last long and maintaining a superior customer experience in terms of network availability and feature usage is imperative to the success and longevity of the business. Reducing MTTR is in the critical path for Joe, but he also needs to be able to analyze the way in which customers are leveraging the network to ensure the business continues to create features that ensure stickiness as the competition catches up.

Enter ClearQuery

Joe leveraged ClearQuery as a unified data analytics platform that allowed his network engineers to rapidly drill into the data they were collecting to decrease MTTR and enabled Joe to create a roadmap of features that drove user adoption and stickiness.

  • Using Ask ClearQuery, Joe's network engineers were able to ask "What is the average performance rating by area and hour?". This is a metric they've used to track how the network performs relative to the number of users in the area. Identifying the areas where the performance rating is trending down by hour enabled the network engineers to focus their efforts to mitigate issues BEFORE most users were aware.
  • ClearComms categorizes network traffic as it comes through the pipe which enabled Joe to use Automated Insights to determine what types of network traffic were most often being used by their customers. Very quickly, Joe noted that the vast majority of ClearComms customers were leveraging the network for gaming purposes vice content streaming.
  • Understanding that ClearComms customers were primarily gamers, Joe realized that latency was a primary factor in keeping customers engaged. Using this knowledge, he worked with the network engineering team to prioritize improving network latency vice bandwidth which had been the previous focus.
  • Additionally, Joe was able to work with the marketing team to specifically target gamers which significantly increased the overall conversion rate of advertisements that ClearComms was pushing and helped to increase overall company margins.

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