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ClearQuery Training Center

Ready to unlock the full potential of ClearQuery?

This Training Center offers the following resources:
Enablement Videos - Qby narrated feature walkthroughs.
Knowledge Center - help articles on features and other topics.
Walkthrough Modules - recorded demonstrations that include step by step tasks  for the user to follow along.
Demonstrations - Sector specific demos of
ClearQuery (closed captions only).

Enablement Videos

Walkthrough Modules

Below are several walkthroughs that show users how to accomplish different tasks.
Each Module is accompanied by step by step instructions on how to accomplish the same tasks on your own.
Check them out now!

Data Upload/Import

Getting started in ClearQuery is as simple as uploading a CSV file, see how it's done.

Exploring Your Data

Being comfortable with your dataset is key to analyzing it. Automated Insights and Data Exploration

Ask ClearQuery

Understanding how to interact with your data is a key part of analyzing it, by asking questions ClearQuery makes getting the most out of your data as simple as typing a question

Presenting and Collaborating

Finding key pieces of information is great, but now what? Now, you will learn to collaborate on and present the data via Dashboards and Insights Canvas !

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are responses to several frequently asked questions.
If you do not see the information you are looking for, contact us.

Why didn't ClearQuery ingest my dataset file?

I am having issues logging into ClearQuery, I know my username and password are correct. What can I try differently?

Why am I having trouble finding specific values in my dataset?

Why can't I merge multiple datasets?

AskCQ is not providing me with expected results, what am I doing wrong?

Why is the "Add User" button greyed out?

When trying to add users to my organization the system says the email is already in use. How do I add that user to my ClearQuery organization?

What is the difference between an Admin and User role?