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Designed for Leaders Like You In the dynamic world of startups, the ability to rapidly pivot and adapt using real-time data isn't just nice to have—it's essential for survival and success. With ClearQuery, you get access to the insights necessary to fuel your growth and outmaneuver the competition.

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Cost Efficient

Augmented analytics can automate data analysis processes, reducing the need for manual data manipulation and analysis. This not only saves time but also reduces costs associated with hiring data analysts or outsourcing analytical tasks.

A Competitive Advantage

Those that can leverage data effectively have a competitive advantage. Augmented analytics can uncover insights and trends that competitors may overlook, allowing startups to make strategic moves and stay ahead.

Analytics For Any Use Case

ClearQuery works out of the box for any use case and any structured or semi-structured data without any special configuration needed.

Transform Your Data Into Your Most Powerful Asset

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is ClearQuery free?

Yes! ClearQuery was designed on the principle of democratizing data analytics for all, so the SaaS "Individual Tier" offers every feature of ClearQuery at no cost. Upgrade tiers to increase users, datasets, storage and more.

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What makes ClearQuery different?

No training courses, technical skills or required. ClearQuery is THE Analytics for Humans platform. Every feature was made to empower users no matter their technical skill level. Upon ingestion, ClearQuery provides initial findings and produces them in Automated Insights. This provides our users value without needing to know what to ask. ClearQuery does not stop there. Continue exploring with each feature and produce an exportable presentation to enable you to tell the full story that a dashboard does not deliver on it's own.

Why is it free? What's the catch?

Yes! ClearQuery was designeWe believe that actionable insights and the power of data should be accessible to everyone, regardless of the size of their business or their budget. By offering Individual Tier for free, we aim to empower users to make informed decisions, innovate, and grow without the barriers often associated with high costs.

This approach is central to our mission; it fuels innovation and inclusivity in the data analytics space, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to leverage the power of data.
d on the principle of democratizing data analytics for all, so the SaaS "Individual Tier" offers every feature of ClearQuery at no cost. Upgrade tiers to increase users, datasets, storage and more.

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What is ClearQuery?

ClearQuery is an augmented intelligence and analytics platform that allows users to rapidly search, explore, and analyze their data in natural language.

In plain english, ClearQuery helps you get answers from your data without needing the technical skills. It's like your own virtual analyst for your data!

Is ClearQuery yet another ChatGPT app?

No! While LLMS and conversational analytics have become all the rage lately due to the hype around ChatGPT, ClearQuery has been in this game for a while. Our competitors tend to use external resources like ChatGPT to attempt to enable democratization, but that comes with security risks, much higher variable costs, and unpredictable responses. ClearQuery's approach enables flexibility, security, and accuracy all within a simple to use interface.

What are the benefits of using ClearQuery?

ClearQuery takes the complexity out of analytics by bridging the gap between your team and the data that drives your business.  As an organization, you can empower everyone inside your company to with no code analytics, find data-driven insights, and move forward in their decision-making with confidence.

Can I export my data?

Yes! It's your data after all. ClearQuery was designed to prevent vendor lock-in and enable flexibility for users. Export your data easily so you can take it to other systems as appropriate. Hopefully, you won't need to!

Do I need data scientists to use this?

No! ClearQuery was purpose built for usage by non-technical business analysts that want to interact with their data. Data Scientists even use ClearQuery to save themselves time when analyzing data!

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