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As the creators of ClearQuery, we believe in the power of collaboration and strategic partnerships. Apply to our Partner Program today and unlock the potential for growth, innovation,
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"We chose to partner with Night Shift as a ClearQuery reseller because we were seeking an analytics partner to transform analytics with our national security customers. Their user-friendly interface and no-code experience make data insights accessible to all, regardless of technical expertise....Further, the ClearQuery Team is easy to work with and their focus on customer success is unparalleled."

Bryan Walter

Chief Growth Officer
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Join a community of successful partners. Take your business and network to new heights with our flagship product, ClearQuery.

Recurring Revenue:
With an annual subscription model, achieved revenue attributes to commitment tier each year (no renewal reductions).

Training, Support, and Licenses:
Direct support and insight from Elastic CertifiedEngineers and internal development licenses for testing and training.

Sales Support and Enablement:
Limited-to-no training reduces your time to sale with ClearQuery. Focus on intimate customer knowledge to drive growth.

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