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On a mission to democratize data, we created ClearQuery to help organizations transform data into actionable insights, enabling more informed decision-making across various functions.

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Our mission

We are committed to building solutions that make organizations more efficient.

Our mission

Make data analytics easy for everyone to help businesses use their data to make better decisions and improve efficiency.


Technology solutions are a tool humans use to find the answers they need– not the answer itself. Technology solutions should conform to the users, not the other way around. Our mission is to build data-driven technical solutions for users of any technical skill level.


The Night Shift Development team is on a mission to democratize data analytics and build data-driven solutions for users of any technical skill level.


Security requirements are continually changing and evolving, as new threats are realized in the world. We proactively stay on top of software upgrades and patches, using the best platforms available o us.

Our story

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2017 • July

Officially Official

After working as middle-men between end-users and their data, our co-founders agreed to start Night Shift Development in order to help organizations make sense of their data and tell stories with it.

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2018 • March

ClearQuery Version 1.0

The team launched the first version of ClearQuery, a data analytics platform that allows anyone, even those with no technical expertise to get their hands in data and ask those questions for themselves without ever writing a line of code.

2021 • August

ClearQuery SaaS Launch

Furthering the mission of ClearQuery being a completely full self-service analytics solution, the ClearQuery team launched the first SaaS version of the solution enabling users to get started at the click of a button.

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2022 • June

ClearQuery Version 4.0

ClearQuery version 4 was launched with increased features enabling collaboration across teams, providing every feature across each tier, and unlocking a high value free tier!

Current Day

Ever Evolving and Innovating

As conversational analytics and no-code product are being adapted more and more across industries we are committed to innovation that maintains a competitive edge while ensuring an agile and secure environment for every user.

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"This hard working team was able to solve some of our most complex, mission critical problems with some very innovative techniques."

Director of Security

Large Federal Contractor

"Night Shift Development is one of those needles you rarely find in the haystack. Their team combines intelligence, natural ability, and work ethic to bring about excellent results."

Chief Executive Officer

Data Analytics Firm

"The Night Shift team was simply phenomenal. Their expertise and coaching mentality helped speed up the timelines of our project, ensure the quality that we wanted, and adequately prepared the team to take over seamlessly when their work had finished. Night Shift set the high bar that we look for when engaging consultants"

Matt Camilli

Director of Engineering, Skyword

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