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No Queries. Just Questions

ClearQuery helps users unlock the value of their data regardless of technical skill by enabling them to have  conversational analytics experiences and providing simplified data discovery capabilities.

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Supercharge your business and simplify analytics for everyone.

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Conversational Analytics

Analytics should not be reserved for your software engineers and data scientists - it should be as simple as asking your virtual assistant a question.

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Enterprise Ready

Never worry about auditing, compliance, or security, our enterprise features are designed so you can relax knowing that we have you covered.

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Phenomenal Support

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, our team will be there and available to help you implement a simplified analytics solution.

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Data Discovery

Move away from standard keyword search and let advanced Artificial Intelligence surface the data you need as you explore your data.

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Highly Customizable

Our flexible APIs allow developers to enhance internal applications and adapt to the business data you care about with the power of conversational analytics.

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Natural Language Analytics
Move away from drag and drop dashboards and excel spreadsheets and get the results you need with natural language analytics.
Search & Discovery
Give your business users the first class search experience they need to be as efficient and effective as possible.
Dashboards & Reports
Building dashboards and reports has never been so easy. Ask a question and get the results and charts you need immediately.
Secure By Default
Control who has access to datasets and give your auditing and compliance departments the tools they need with enterprise editions.
Powerful APIs
Never be boxed in - our flexible APIs allow you to integrate directly into your existing applications or create new user interfaces.
Premium Support
Whether it is for integration or enhancements, our team stands ready to help you get the best value out of ClearQuery.

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