No Queries. Just Questions.

Every query begins with a question and your users shouldn't have to write queries to get answers. ClearQuery turns natural language questions into Elasticsearch queries.

Increase Efficiency

By implementing ClearQuery, organizations improve the overall search experience for their users. Users expect to be able to find answers with ease and ClearQuery provides just that. When users get answers to questions rather than having to search for them, they become more efficient.

  • Ask questions and get answers for actionable intelligence.
  • Better accuracy means spending less time searching for information.
  • Expose data to all of your users - not just the technical ones.

Democratize Your Data

In today's world it is absolutely imperative that your organization becomes a data driven organization or you can prepare for a reckoning in which the the next disruptive entrant into your industry renders you irrelevant. ClearQuery helps organizations democratize their data so that every individual can leverage data to help drive your business forward and remain competitive.

Why ClearQuery?

In addition to being a one-of-a-kind solution, ClearQuery offers the features you need to democratize your data.

Plug and Play

ClearQuery was designed with developers in mind. Our simple REST API minimizes changes to your codebase.


Models are automatically trained against your index, but you can add additional domain specific questions.

Conversational Experience

One question about data usually leads to another. ClearQuery uses context for the best search experience.

Intuitive Interface

Don't waste time building a new interface. The ClearQuery UI helps you democratize your data in hours, not days.

Cloud Ready

ClearQuery can be deployed in your data centers giving you complete control or in the cloud for cost savings.

Outstanding Support

Whether you self-host or leverage our fully managed offering, we will be there every step of the way.

Stop Writing Queries

In today's big data world organizations are forced to choose between forcing employees to learn how to write queries or code just to access their data or hiring an engineering team that doesn't understand the business problem. With ClearQuery your domain experts can stop writing queries and start asking questions saving you time and money.

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