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Thurs 13 June, 2024

Gain flexibility and control over your environment

Amazon S3 Dataset ingest

Row Level Security

MS SQL Sync performance improvements

AskCQ Upgrades

Thurs 16 May, 2024

This release primarily improves Ask ClearQuery user experience

AskCQ Find Alternate Datasets

AskCQ Community Questions

Discoverability options for Cross Dataset Search: Show dataset label, tags, and description

Thurs 18 Apr, 2024

This release improves workflow, compliance, and user interactions

Request Access Workflow for datasets

Compliance page is now available in SaaS

Support Ask CQ query feedback

Display dataset updating status and recent file uploads in dataset management

Recommendation Engine status more clear, ability to disable AI view

Dataset References available in dataset management, more clear dataset delete context

Insights Canvas allows PDF download

Thurs 7 Mar, 2024

This release primarily includes Intelligent Dataset Cleaning, and file upload improvements

Intelligent Data Cleaning

File Upload size increased to 2GB

Increased visibility in to Dashboards/Insights Canvas compliance updates

AskCQ Fixes

Thurs 15 Feb, 2024

ClearQuery 5 is HERE This release includes a new Homepage, Cross Dataset Alerting, quality of life improvements and bug fixes.

New Homepage

Cross Dataset Alerting

Configure discoverability of datasets in Cross Dataset Search

Additional Chart Creator customization options Check out our pricing here.

AskCQ Fixes

Significantly smaller docker build size

Distinguish between Users/Groups in dropdowns

ClearQuery Home Page
Tues 31 Oct, 2023

Two new notable features: Add tags and descriptions to datasets, import geo coordinates via CSV.

Tag datasets with custom tags and add descriptions to both datasets and fields in Dataset Management.

Configure Geopoints and create other combined fields when ingesting CSVs and JSONs

Notification center has been updated to include additional events such as dataset editing.

Field customizations utilized more widely throughout the app

Link to Automated Insights from Dataset Management and Link to Manage Dataset after dataset ingest

Wed 4 Oct, 2023

Two new notable features: User notification timeline and subscription settings & Cross dataset search for all features

Notification center has been updated to include a timeline of activity and the ability to subscribe/unsubscribe from comments threads.

Cross Dataset Search now includes: charts, dashboards, insights canvases, Ask CQ questions, and comments.

Global Admin can delete users and organizations

Additional AskCQ search clauses

New dataset upload file type - JSON

Thurs 31 Aug, 2023

Enhanced facet/filter options, new geographic insight features, dataset management improvements.

Ability to search and select all options when using facets and filters

AskCQ question interpretation improvements

Allow users to edit AskCQ trend charts

Tue 25 July, 2023

Additional configuration work.

Ability to create, save, and edit charts directly

Ability to format fields and facet filters in dataset management

AskCQ suggestion improvements

Tue 23 May, 2023

Additional configuration work.

Ability to embed charts outside of CQ in user reporting tools

Advanced dataset configuration is more accessible

Wed 26 April, 2023

Collaborations and guidance.

Add ability to comment on saved charts and notify your teammates of your thoughts

Edit Dashboard/Insights Canvas/Charts owners

Tutorial for Insights Canvas

Thurs 16 March, 2023

Newsletter from your data

Email newsletter for users who haven't had any updates in more than 2 months showing them some insights from CQ directly in email

Can now select multiple values in facet drop downs

Add Typing properties on Input Field component

Thurs 26 Jan, 2023

Communication enhancements

Email Newsletter - get automatic emails about what's changed with your datasets

SQL Sync improvements for performance and use of primary dates

Ask CQ improvements

Thurs 29 Sept, 2022

Brings multi-dataset join

Link Datasets - combine your existing CQ datasets

Preparation for multi-organization support

Thurs 23 June, 2022

ClearQuery 4 is here bringing data analytics to every business user. Start with our free tier and upgrade for users and storage.

Customizable dashboards added: Any user can now save insights directly to a dashboard that gets updated as your data does. No code required.

Insights Canvas added: A new collaborative presentation tool that allows users to share data stories with teammates and organizational leaders.

Ask ClearQuery added: Every tier now enables users to ask questions in plain English of their data as soon as it's uploaded to ClearQuery.

There is now a tier for every person, use case, and workload. We have added two additional tiers to offer every feature to ClearQuery users. Check out our pricing here.

CQ product gif NLP
Thurs 22 April, 2021

Preparations for SaaS

UI/UX overhaul of dataset manipulation, and CSV import

Dataset sharing allows for Owners and Readers

Global administration improvements