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ClearQuery was designed with one primary goal in mind - to make analytics simple for everyone. It removes the typical technical barriers by giving every user the ability to have a conversational analytics experience with their data. That means no more waiting around for business analysts to build a dashboard for the answers to the questions you need to drive your business forward.

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Analytics For Cyber Threat Hunting
See how the effectiveness of a threat hunting team can be improved with analytics.
Increasing User Engagement With Analytics Driven Product Enhancements
How telecomm organizations reduce MTTR and create new features that make users sticky.
Improving Marketing Campaign Effectiveness
Learn how data analytics helps marketers improve marketing campaign effectiveness.
Food & Beverage
Using Data Analytics To Optimize Restaurant Margins
See how ClearQuery helps a restaurant GM increase average guest check size and increase overall margins.
Tim Tutt CEO at Night Shift Development Headshot
“Advanced concepts like artificial intelligence and machine learning are completely useless if we can't find ways for humans to leverage them without having to learn new skills or make drastic changes to workflows."
Tim Tutt — CEO at Night Shift Development, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a hosted version?

Yes! We offer a fully managed version of ClearQuery where we host on our hardware and manage with our team. You can also bring-your-own Elasticsearch cluster which we can connect to over the internet.

Can I install on-premises?

Yes! ClearQuery was designed with enterprises in mind so you can deploy in public or private clouds or behind your firewall on your own network and servers. Reach out for details on infrastructure requirements.

Can I restrict access to datasets?

Yes! With our enterprise editions, you have access to features that enable you to restrict query access to datasets as well as core features for important things like auditing & compliance.

Do I need data scientists to use this?

No! ClearQuery was purpose built for usage by non-technical business analysts that want to interact with their data. Data Scientists even use ClearQuery to save themselves time when analyzing data!

Will ClearQuery work in my language?

Today - ClearQuery works in English out of the box. We intend to release support for other languages in the future, but can build custom models for the language of your choice with our enterprise editions.

Can I customize ClearQuery?

Yes! ClearQuery offers a robust set of APIs that allow developers to build their own user interfaces on top of the core components. For our enterprise customers, we offer customization services for the ClearQuery UI.
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