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Data Analysis and Exploration

With our intuitive interface, explore your data with ease and speed.

Ask questions of your data in plain english.
Get rapid results for basic and advanced search queries across disparate datasets.
Discovery previously unknown relationships, linkages, and outliers of interest.
Data Visualization & Decision Making

Analyze visualizations and insights generated and share across your organization with stories not just dashboards.

Easily search filter and visualize data while maintaining access to source records.
Customize chart type for your data and set alerts to be notified and never miss when changes happen.
Save your data and provide the story with your teammates and leaders in our collaborative presentation tool.

Instant Insights Upon Ingestion

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Automated Insights

Automatically surface significant relationships and insights from your data as soon as you connect your data.

ClearQuery automated insights
ClearQuery ask clearquery

Ask ClearQuery

Ask questions in plain english of your data, get valuable visualizations and insights to make better, more informed decisions.

Insights Canvas

Share data stories with teammates and organizational leaders via a collaborative presentation tool.

ClearQuery insights canvas

Transform the Way You Get Answers From Your Data

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