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ClearQuery is the only data analytics tool that promises simplicity from the start. Reduce reliance on IT and business unit analysts for routine queries, streamlining operations and enhancing productivity across the board.

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Advanced Doesn't Have to Mean Complicated

Transition to sophisticated data analysis that does not require extensive resources or significant training.

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Effortlessly quick-setup and integration.

Reduce the burden on IT departments. Our user-friendly platform can be quickly set up and integrated into existing data ecosystems.
Quick setup and integration not only shorten the implementation period but also reduce the overall cost.

Real-time automated insights.

Automated insights allow businesses to monitor their operations continuously and react to changes and opportunities as they occur. These systems use advanced machine learning to analyze incoming data streams instantly, providing alerts and insights without human intervention.

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ClearQuery plug and play bi tool

Plug-and-play business intelligence.

Users can start analyzing data immediately. Every feature was made with the business users in mind, eliminating the complex configuration and typical lengthy implementations usually associated with traditional BI software.


Easy to use, no-code, features allow you to always be aware and ready to tackle challenges and seize opportunities.


A comprehensive drag and drop solution for data visualization and collaboration, enabling users to leverage data insights effectively across various levels of the organization.


Democratizes data access within an organization, allowing every user to derive value from data insights by asking their own questions of their data without dependency on data scientists.

Relationship Discovery

Visualize and explore the connections within data sets. It offers a unique and powerful way for users to visualize and interact with their data, leading to insights that might not be apparent through traditional data analysis methods. This feature enhances data exploration, strategic planning, and operational efficiency across a wide range of industries and roles.


A versatile tool designed to streamline the process of turning data analysis into compelling presentations. This feature is particularly beneficial for a wide range of users who need to communicate their analytical findings efficiently. Create visually appealing and informative presentations that can drive data-driven decisions and strategies.

Automated Insights

Break down complex data into understandable formats across categorical, numeric, and geographical dimensions, offers broad utility across an organization. Its immediate, actionable analytics can save time and money, making it a valuable tool for any data-driven team.


Your most crucial visualizations and insights delivered with simplicity and clarity. Imagine a dashboard that not only showcases the data visualizations you've saved but also brings them to life with plain English descriptions, making complex data understandable at a glance. Your team's flagged visualizations are right there too.


Enables users to interact with their data in a dynamic, intuitive manner, enhancing the ability to derive insights, make informed decisions, and act based on comprehensive data analysis. Deep dive into datasets, enable users to explore, analyze, and act upon their data with greater efficiency and precision.

Cross Dataset Search

Enhance data visibility and access across an organization, breaking down silos and enabling a more integrated approach to data analysis. It fundamentally changes how data is accessed and used across an organization, promoting a culture of transparency and collaboration.


Filtering, newsletter, commenting, customization, keyword search, saved searches, alerting, pinning, and custom views, users can deeply understand their data.


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