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On a Mission to Democratize Data Analytics Across Organizations with Simplified Analytics for Everyone.

We are a team of dedicated professionals driven by a passion for crafting cutting-edge technology that empowers businesses to thrive in the digital landscape. With ClearQuery, we have revolutionized the way organizations leverage data to make informed decisions, driving efficiency and growth like never before.

Our team is made up of experts in data analytics and software development with the main goal of delivering top notch solutions that exceed expectations. We are transforming businesses through data insights and intelligent solutions.
Your satisfaction is our driving force and we are committed to providing exceptional support, continuous improvement, and a seamless experience.

When you use ClearQuery you will;
* Be delivered actionable insights derived from your own data enabling you to make data-driven decisions propelling your success.
* Simplify complexity with our user-friendly platform filled with robust features to enhance your entire data analytics journey from ingestion to action.
* Drive innovation to help stay ahead of the curve.

Building a truly data driven culture is imperative for the future success of organizations

No matter your technical skill level, you shouldn't have to write queries just to get value from your data. Getting answers from your data should be as simple as asking a question.

Tim Tutt ceo & cofounder Night Shift Development

Timothy Tutt

CEO & Co-founder
“We're bridging the gap between non-technical folks and the data they're collecting in their organizations so they can make more informed decisions and build better business. Every user in an organization should be informed, not just the ones who can wrangle the bits and bytes to do their bidding".
Drew Hayes coo & cofounder Night Shift Development
Drew Hayes
CoO & Co-founder