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ClearQuery transforms how your organization gets answers from data and simplifies analytics for every user in your organization.

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Accelerate Your Business With Clear Decisions...

Easy to begin and streamlined to the end. Save time and optimize productivity.



With flexible and robust Integrations and Open APIs, connect datasets seamlessly.


Get Insights

Get immediate insights from the moment your data is ingested.


Analyze Your Data

Perform deep analysis on your data without needing to write code.


Customize & Save

Customize and save charts with the most important information.


Deliver & Decide

Present your findings with the whole story not just a dashboard of visualizations.

Simplified analytics for everyone

How It Works

ClearQuery connects with elasticsearch flat files snowflake sql google sheets and more

Integrate with multiple data sources.

Flexibility and scalability are our backbones. Connect clean/semi clean data with multiple data sources for ease and speed.

Instant insights upon ingestion.

Get value without ever having to ask a question. Upon ingestion, ClearQuery provides you with data points of interest. Customize each view and dig into the most important findings.

ClearQuery automated insights get value upon ingestion without ever asking a question
ClearQuery insights canvas collaborative presentation mode tell datastories better than dashboards

Collaborate and share vital findings.

Present your findings with more than just dashboards. Data storytelling capabilities ensure the full picture is being presented and easy to understand.



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